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I opened my eyes and looked around, letting out a groan as I pushed myself up to a sitting position. Hard concrete floor, steel bars, yeah this place was more than familiar. Cooped up in here last time Faith and I took a trip down memory lane, Orpheus land. Only difference is they were smarter to collar my neck to the floor, this time they didn't. One wrong move and they were gone, all it would take was the threatening of one of Buffy's beloved pals and she'd bend under pressure. Kinda felt bad I hadn't actually vamped that little bitch Faith, wouldn't that have just been something for Buffy? I bet she'd hate me for forever, wouldn't care so much about bringing Angel back, of course while trying to avoid being killed by Faith. I pulled myself to my feet and sat down wearily on the cot against the wall. I let out a groan and let my head rest against the wall, rubbing my fingers against my temples. I wondered how long it would be before someone came down to rattle my chains, figuratively of course.

I wasn't sure if I had passed back out but when I came to I had thoughts of violently dismembering that blonde bitch Alyx. I could almost hear her screaming as I did it, little electric livewire. When I got out of here she had it coming to her, I'd make sure of that. I stood up and stretched myself out, nothing like being naked in a cage to piss a guy off. I looked at the sheet spread out on the thin mattress of the cot, nah. I'll stay naked. Another thing to throw them offguard with, anything worked to my advantage. I heard something coming, or it sounded like someone coming. There were a few someones coming, all of them had heartbeats too, except one. Here comes the crew to re-ensoul me, oh what fun. I stood up and gripped the bars lazily between my fingers, waiting for them to arrive. Waiting for one of them to foul up and ruin the whole plan, which would wind up in their deaths. Horribly tragic deaths, that everyone of them probably foreshadowed before they agreed to help Buffy.

"Ahh the gang's all here." I smirked as they began filing into the room, all armed with silly nonsense. I let out an annoyed noise and slammed my hands into the steel bars. "Haven't you all learned yet that I will never give up, he will not prevail. Angel, why do you even bother? He's a waste of time, me though? I'm productive and get the job done."

[open to the gang who is gonna slap this bitch down]
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