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Lindsey just left, just like that. After practically beating the shit out of me, and what the fuck, when the hell did he think that was the right thing to do? He just fucked up, big time cause now? I didn't care anymore. He could do whatever he wanted, but I was done with it all. There was nothing left and now I knew why Alyx didn't get involved. Well, except for Kennedy, but Alyx totally ran that show. Me? I let Lindsey take over and that's where I fucked up. But no more. Slowly, I picked myself up from the floor and looked around the room. Looked like shit, but that was mostly him. Not me. He wanted to always make a scene now, he wanted to let everyone know what he was and yeah, sometimes that was a good fucking thing to do, but Lindsey? He didn't have a limit. He did whatever the fuck he wanted and it didn't matter to him what anyone else thought.

Walking around the room, I grabbed up my clothes and put them on. I had to get out of here, there was no reason to just stay behind. Besides, this place was trashed anyway. I wanted to go home. Real home. With Alyx. She could understand me, she would tell me how it was and she wasn't all about the fucking sugar coating bullshit that other people would be like.

When I arrived at the house, I looked around and sighed, looking down at my clothes and then checked myself in the mirror. I looked like shit and I needed a fucking shower. The bruises that were coating my face and arms were already gone and the pain in my stomach and ribs was gone too. I was back to normal so to speak, except one thing. I was actually hurt. Not physical hurt, but emotional hurt.

Lindsey isn't the same and it's all my fucking fault, of course. I did this and now I only have myself to blame, right? Whatever. Frowning when I walked into her house, I heard my phone ring and I dug through my purse getting it out. I heard Edmundo say something smart, but I just ignored him as I walked down the hall to my old room. Picking up, I held the phone to my ear and sighed.


(Open to anyone...possibly bailey?)
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