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After lookin' all around for some stupid vampire that was apparently doin' the disappearin' act, I finally started goin' around the offices. This whole find Angelus thing had started to be a joke cause the man wasn't anywhere. Then it occurred to me, that I was all by my little lonesome. Don't know when that had happened, but now I was all alone, so it would be wise for me to get my black ass up with everyone else. Tried callin' em on the phone, but no one picked up, which of course, was a given. They never picked up first off. Shruggin' I got on the elevator, takin' me to the lobby of Angel's office. Maybe there was someone around there that I could talk to.

Stepped off and saw Buffy and Alyx goin' at it and I rushed up, tryin' to get ahold of Buffy but I was punched back, landin' in Angel's office. Got back up and saw Fred, Wes and them and I rubbed my head, before lookin' down and seein' Angelus there. Or Angel. Naked.

"What the hell?" I asked and got up, lookin' over at Fred. Spike was too busy looking out the window and I was wonderin' why no one was helpin' the so called chosen one out there in her fight against Alyx.

"So, what are we doing? Just standing around?" I asked them all and walked around Angelus or Angel or whatever he was. "Does homeboy have a soul now?"

From the looks on their faces, I'm guessin' he didn't. Why couldn't we just call Willow like last time? She knew what she was doin' and it would be a hell of alot easier to do that instead of just waiting around ... for ... what exactly.

Didn't have a clue.

(open to Wes, Fred & Spike)
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