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First my ass gets served over the desk and then I nearly lose my head to a swinging axe, I don't remember signing up for Indiana Jones try outs. I slowly stood and gazed at the axe in her hand, granted if she hit me with it I'd bleed for a bit, but then? Nothing. I'm immortal, she just doesn't get that or know that, either way I don't care. I smirked at her and held my hands out to the sides of me before bringing my hand in fast and hard, knocking her to the floor. I stepped on the handle of the axe and bent down with a smile on my face. How sweet she thought I'd help them re-ensoul this big fucking freak, as if hand delivering him didn't expend enough of my precious energy. I reached down and ripped the axe from her grip, sending it across the lobby floor. I looked up to see several people watching, but when my eyes met theirs they went on their merry way. That's right, run. Fucking bastards watching what didn't involve them.

"It's awfully sweet of you to think I'd help, Buffy." I smiled ever so sweetly at her and brushed my hair back off my shoulders. I walked over to her, stopped directly in front of her and without so much as batting an eyelash her body was catapulted through the air and slammed into the wall across the room. I'm sure she left an indent, I was just too busy to notice as her small little frame slid down the wall. "I don't help the good guys, remember? Oh wait... I guess in a way I do because I brought you Angelus. Make him Angel again so he can suffer the loss of Faith. How's it feel to know that you just let her go off on her own? Let her meet her own fate, fate being death. So in a way I guess it's you that killed Faith, right?" I couldn't keep the smirk from my face, this was priceless. I could torment her about her lost little fuck buddy, oh the fun I could have.

"Pick yourself up from the floor before I mop it with you." I said with a growl and clenched my fists together tightly. I wouldn't use my energy on her, she could shove me around all she wanted. There was nothing she could say that would convince me to help them. Help them return Angel to his little souled up body, truth be told I despised Angelus for killing Faith but in the long run? Angelus was a far more valuable tool to me, I just didn't feel like keeping the boy on a leash. I didn't have the time or energy if he wasn't going to play games the right way. "Find yourself a little Glenda and bring back Soulboy, unless you think you have a way of making me help. If so, I'd be all ears and limbs." I smirkd and crossed my arms over my chest waiting her next move. The rest of the team was smart and stayed inside Angel's office, probably standing over Angelus with weapons. Well, if they knew what was good for them they would be. Sure I smacked the bitch up, but a puppy never stays down for long.

"Well? I'm waiting, where's the big hurrah? The big 'I'm the hero do as I say speech'?" I quirked a brow and glared at her. This was their hero? Their Slayer? "You're suppose to be the Slayer, Buffy. To me? To me you just look like a scared little girl who's lost the best fuck of her life and now? Now you want someone else to take the blame for it, and that someone sure as hell isn't going to be me."

[open to Buffy]
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