B-Wicked (x_evilbritney_x) wrote in be_heroes,

Lindsey was still sleeping. I woke up some time later and just watched him. My fingers reached out, tracing his busted lip, the bruise that's fading on his cheek, then down to the small burns that are also fading on his chest. Hey, he tied me up, so I burned him, what did he fucking expect? A small grin came to my lips and I sighed quietly. The room was a fucking mess, that was clear as I looked around the room. Oh well, not my fucking problem. Dead guy in the tub, us in the bed, him sleeping with me looking at him. Rolling my eyes, I scooted off the bed and slowly tiptoed around the room, making sure not to step on glass and broken lightbulbs.

Knew we had to leave this place soon, the sun would be down anytime. Not sure where we're going now, but we couldn't stay here. Picked up my clothes and put them on before sitting down in a chair and lighting up a cigarette. I wondered what Alyx was doing, I know she was having her ... attention turned to Angelus and Faith, I wonder how that worked out. She hasn't called and I guess that's okay. I mean, why should she? She doesn't answer to me, I answer to her and that's it pretty much.

I wasn't really sure what Lindsey and I were going to do, but, I did know that he wanted to get out of this town. Me on the other hand, didn't. I didn't want to leave Alyx, no matter how she treated me. She was someone I needed.

Glancing over at Lindsey, I crushed out my cigarette as he stirred before getting up and moving over to him slowly on the bed. Pushing him over on his back, I straddled his body and I had the slight urge to slap him, but I didn't.

"Hey, Lindsey ... Lindsey!" I frowned and shook him a bit. "Baby, wake up."

(Open to Lindsey)
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