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I pulled up in the driveway and a trail of bodies littered my foyer, only one thing could have done this and some fucking nerve he has. I'm over it. He's going to pay, especially after Faith. I threw my purse and car keys across the foyer as my staff lay in a bloody head on the floor, some of them my immortals totally drained. I felt the anger start to lash and whip around me in dark bolts of energy as I stalked through the house in search of my target, Angelus. I pushed open the door to my bathroom and there he was as pretty as a bee in a bubble bath. I smirked and took in the look on his face as he saw the dark bolts of energy rupturing from my body in angry arcs, that's right baby. I'm here for you. I casually strolled over to the tub and he sat up, tossing the magazine he was so leisurely reading while soaking.

"I have a riddle for you, Angelus." I sat down along side the tub as he nervously took me in, realizing that I must have been playing cute little fluffy kitten and letting him smack me around. Which was true, I'll give him that, but the look on his face? Utterly fucking priceless, made me remember why precisely I'm evil. "What is as handsome as you but sizzles?" He looked at me blankly as the energy crackles down along my fingertips and I gently touched the water and his body began violently jerking and his voice nearly in screams filled the room. Nothing like a little electrocution to remind you of your place in the chain of things, right? I let him take in the fact he was sizzling away while I glanced around, couldn't let him out just yet, he'd come out a little too pissed off for my liking.

"Fucking psychotic bitch." He growled and clambered out of the tub in all his glory, wasn't really impressed so much with him at the moment. He grabbed a towel and lay on the floor still clutching his smoldering body. I wasn't even done with him, not even close. I walked up beside him and jerked him to his feet, pinning him to the wall with a lovely bolt to his more important regions. Regions he had no use for at the moment, if I was really cruel I'd just rip them from his body, but I also realized that underneath was Angel. No need to maim him like such, he was good in the sack.

"I'll give you one guess as to where we are going, guess wrong? Well, let's just say you don't want to do that." I smiled and watched as he slid down the wall clutching his balls, friendly little reminder that what he'd done to Faith wasn't unrecognized. And look at me, avenging a Slayer, who'd have thought. I was avenging me more though, I'd taken more than enough from him and his high and mighty fucking attitude. "Oh, I'm waiting." I lashed out my fist and snapped his head to the side hard, blood spilling from his mouth and spattering the wall.

"You'll never get me there witch." He growled and coughed, moving at me but he was met with a fury of my fists as he did. He just fell down, fell down like the pretty boy he was, taking it like a good boy. Bloody and defeated, the way he should be. "Never." I guess he just never learned now did he? Nothing like a little visit to the mirror, my hands gripped his flesh and flung him violently into the mirror above the sink. His body dropped onto the counter and shards of glass cut and punctured various parts of his body. With one little finger I sent out a small wave of energy causing every single shard of glass to rip clean through his body and come out the other side as water. Damage done.

"I will. I am. You lose." I said as I brought my fist down hard along the side of his head, his body stilling and coming to a resting state. I grabbed the back of his hair and lifted his head, dropping it once for good measure. He was out. I drug his body out and threw him in the back of my trunk, headed toward the one place where I knew there were people just waiting for him. Waiting to trap the misery in his flesh. Serve him right. He deserved it. I pulled up in front of Wolfram & Hart and collected my pretty dead bleeding, naked package and waltzed right through the front doors. I headed up to Angel's office and dropped him to the floor, Harmony scrambled to the phones. It would only be a matter of time before the troops showed up.

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